Getting to Hólar

Travelling to Iceland

Iceland is most easily reached by air via Keflavík airport. The country is well connected with daily flights from a range of European and North American cities.

Icelandic airlines:


Wow air

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Special bus pickup for passengers traveling to Iceland for the NAF 2013 Conference:

Bus trips have been organized from Reykjavík Bus terminal to Hólar on Wednesday the 12th of June at 10:00 and at 18:00.  Return bus will go from Hólar on Saturday the 15th.

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To get from Keflavik Airport to Reykjavik Bus terminal use the Flybus)

Registrations for these buses are made through the conference registration form.


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Please send email to: for any kind of travel assistance.



About the conference

The North Atlantic Forum (NAF) is a biennial conference for scholars, community leaders, local government officials, businesspersons, and other practitioners from the broad North Atlantic, seeking to facilitate information exchange, knowledge mobilization and research dissemination among its members.

NAF 2013 - Rural Tourism in Changing Times is a collaboration between:

North Atlantic Forum, a ‘collegial assembly’ builton the network set up by the North Atlantic IslandsProgram, based at the Institute of Island Studies,University of Prince Edward Island, in Charlottetown,Canada:

Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation, whosemandate is to revitalize rural Canada through educationand research for rural leaders in the community, theprivate sector and in government:

Department of Rural Tourism, Hólar University College, North Iceland, set up in 1996, which collaborates closely with tourism practitioners and now offers four different programs of study in Rural Tourism and Event Management that embrace both theory and practice. 


North Atlantic Forum

The North Atlantic Forum (NAF) is an informal network made up of researchers and regional policy-makers and practitioners from a number of peripheral areas around the edges of the North Atlantic. NAF was born out of the North Atlantic Islands Program (1994-98).

The first phase of the North Atlantic Islands Programme came to an end with the inaugural North Atlantic Forum, held in Charlottetown from September 17–19, 1998. More than a hundred people gathered, including many friends and colleagues from the participating islands. Along with Prince Edward Island Premier Pat Binns and several of his Ministers, special guests included the Icelandic Ambassador, Hon. Jón Baldvin Hannibalsson, the Deputy Prime Minister of the Faroe Islands, Hon. Høgni Hoydal, and the Newfoundland Minister of Development and Rural Renewal, Hon. Beaton Tulk. The various sessions included presentations on "The Power of Jurisdiction: Jurisdiction as a Resource in North Atlantic Islands," the results of the four NAIP research sectors (tourism, small-scale manufacturing, primary resources, and export of knowledge-based services), "Present Prospects, Strategic Options for North Atlantic Islands" by key officials in each of the North Atlantic Islands represented, and a report on the Public Engagement programme. The business part of the Conference finished with an upbeat consideration of "The Way Ahead," resulting in the decision to hold a North Atlantic Forum on a regular basis. (

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